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The references below are a sample of the views of our employees. We try hard to exceed the expectations of each individual in our organization and the thoughts below reflect how our employees feel about us.

“Having worked with other contracting companies, I think Indosys surpasses all my expectations. All people are friendly and very helpful especially Linus who always answers your questions very patiently and honestly. In all, with Indosys you can be sure that you are getting the very best without even asking for it!”

Chitra P.
Fremont, CA

“At first I was nervous about working for a company that was in a different state, even though the contract was local, but Indosys took care of all the details, keeping in contact through fax, e-mail and phone. All e-mails were promptly returned and phone calls professionally handled. That service has continued throughout.

One of the things that has probably most impressed me though is when we were nearing the point of extending my contract, Indosys felt I was being underpaid, and instead of the 3%-5% annual raise I was expecting, they were able to negotiate with the client and provide me with a 20% raise to make up for the shortcoming! Impressive regardless, but even more so considering I had never complained about being underpaid. It is nice to know that Indosys is watching out for me even in areas I may not be paying close enough attention!”

Rodney G.
Brooklyn Park, MN

“Indosys provides me with great opportunities to work for great clients. I work on projects that not only excite me but also enrich my career development. The considerate service of Indosys allows me to focus on my projects without distractions and to have more time with my family. Indosys is one of the best employers I have ever worked for.”

Ken C.
Northridge, CA

“I am very pleased with the quality of Indosys as an organization. You go well beyond simply placing someone, i.e., "place and forget" mentality. You are responsive and genuinely care about the career goals and options of your employees. Particularly, I find that the opportunity to talk about how things are going, periodically, over the phone and in person, quite helpful. I also find that your goals and attitude foster a relationship that is truly "win-win".”

Nara N.
Fremont, CA

“The one thing that definitely stood out about the level of service at Indosys was the quick response I always got - it always felt like I mattered to the company and that there would be someone available 365 days a year to respond to my concerns. I wish Indosys a lot of success!”

Arun I.
San Francisco, CA

“After working as a consultant for several years with various companies, I finally landed in right place. From the moment I started working with Indosys, I didn't have to worry about anything other than work. Moreover, I commend Linus and his staff for working hard to maintain relationships with both clients and consultants. They have been proactive in providing me with regular project status updates. Keep up the good work guys!!”

Harjinder S.
Fremont, CA
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