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Indosys provides a comprehensive array of staffing and consulting services that are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Whether a company requires highly specialized individuals or entire project teams, we have the expertise to deliver results that exceed expectations.  All personnel that we provide are carefully screened to ensure they are an exact technical and personal fit. We understand that building great companies requires exceptional talent and as a strategic partner, we search far and wide for only the best talent for an organization.

  Staffing Services  

Permanent and Contract Staffing


Indosys provides high-quality IT professionals for contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire positions throughout the US. 


What do you get from Indosys?

  • Dedicated Staffing Team
  • Rigorous pre-screening of candidates
  • Detailed candidate profile
  • Guaranteed response times
  • High quality candidates
  • End-to-end understanding of recruiting process
  • Thorough background checks
  • Competitive fees

And most of all…

  • A committed business partner!
  Staffing A-La-Carte  

Not all positions are equal – so why pay a flat recruiting fee?  Well now you don’t have to…
Indosys introduces the Variable Recruiting Fee
How are fees determined?

  • Urgency – How quickly does the position need to be filled?

  • Importance – How critical is the position to the success of the project/business?

  • Skills required – Is this a junior, senior, or executive level position?

  • Availability of candidates – Are there candidates readily available in the market?

  • Exclusivity – Will the search for candidates be exclusive to Indosys?

Use the Indosys Recruiting Fee Calculator to determine the exact recruiting fees for your open positions.  To learn more about our flexible recruiting services and to reduce long-term recruiting expenses, contact Indosys today.


Exclusive Retained Search

Why Exclusive Retained Searches work:
  • Better recruiter control and communication. Indosys provides one or more dedicated recruiters to make the search more effective

  • A higher level of professionalism in how your company and the opportunity are presented to candidates.  Indosys markets exclusive opportunities differently to candidates and gets greater results for these opportunities

  • More thorough knowledge about the position and of candidates. Indosys spends more time at the front end understanding the details about the position and pre-screening for appropriate candidates. The entire process is much more intensive

  • Candidate exclusivity. Candidates are not "shopped around" or presented to other clients

  • Best available candidate is hired as a result of a rigorous process. More suitable candidates are identified and information is provided on only the best candidates
Virtual Recruiting Team  
Would you like to add members to your recruiting team but don’t have the budget?  Hire an Indosys Virtual Recruiter or Indosys Sourcing Specialist for 50% of the cost of a permanent employee.  Our team of trained professionals will have an immediate impact on your staffing requirements and can interface with the rest of your recruiting team virtually (via email, phone, and web).  Contact Indosys to learn about how our Virtual Recruiting Team Service can help you find qualified candidates today!  
Outsource Job Board Postings  

Why should you outsource job board postings? Because web-based recruiting can be a time-consuming and expensive process when performed in-house, especially if the recruiting schedule is erratic. Moreover, it requires specialized knowledge, including how to write ads and post them for maximum exposure.

Job board postings require businesses to sign up to multiple sites, negotiate fees for each site, and manage each site by optimizing and updating each position posted. Reviewing responses also requires sifting through many "junk" resumes to identify the few top candidates.

Indosys offers an attractive alternative that saves both time and money. For a low quarterly fee, list up to 8 positions with Indosys at any time. We post ads, filter resumes and screen for the top candidates, whom we then pass along to you. A successful search incurs a minimal placement fee.

Unlike general job board postings where anyone can respond to a posting regardless of their qualifications, Indosys guarantees that you will only see candidates that match your criteria.

For more information about outsourcing Job Board Postings, contact Indosys today.

Consulting Services  

Project Staffing

A fully functional on-site project team is provided with the option of Indosys taking complete responsibility for critical phases of the project including strategy, hiring and execution.

Offshore Software Development  

A fully operational overseas technical team consisting of Software Developers, UI Designers, Quality Engineers, Project Managers and Business Analysts is available to our clients for immediate deployment.  If a project requires different resources, a custom team can be built to suit the specific requirements.  With Indosys, clients have complete flexibility and control of the offshore team.  The offshore team can remain part of our organization or can be merged into the client organization at any time. 

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