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Indosys provides Staffing and Consulting Services to the world’s most innovative businesses, including IBM, Microsoft, Barclays Global Investors, and Medtronic.  Our clients trust us to find them the finest executive, professional and technical talent required to turn their pioneering ideas into reality.  Our employees and consultants are regularly considered the brightest and most capable in the industry.  Whether you have a critical staffing need or are looking for a new position, we encourage you to learn more about our services.

Innovation Is Our Mantra  
At Indosys, we strive to innovate! We're constantly re-engineering our business model, operational process, and service offering to ensure we are providing the most value to our clients. We aim to do more with less. We promise excellent quality, sensational results and 100% satisfaction.

Brief Profile  
  • We are an organization of 80 employees and our corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, CA

  • Our objective is to work with a few select clients and provide them with superior service and results (quality vs. quantity)

  • We specialize in technology positions (software development, Web, IT, Project Management, QA, etc.)

  • We are an employee-centric company – we treat our own internal employees with the same care and respect that we treat our consultants and clients

  • We play by the rules – in this highly competitive industry, there are many organizations that take short-cuts.  We are not one of them

  • We believe in hard work.  We like to be judged by our ability to perform and our results speak for themselves

Why We Are Different  
  • We follow the principles outlined in the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.  The book states that “Great” companies significantly emphasize the importance of finding the right talent for the organization.  That is why we look for “A” players for our own company as well as for our clients

  • The executive team has experience ranging from working with Fortune 500 companies to founding their own software start-up companies.  Our executives thoroughly understand that cutting-edge innovation requires the best talent and having built several companies from scratch, they know how to discover the best talent available in the market

  • Each of our staffing professionals has a technical background which gives us a higher success rate when sourcing for the right candidate

  • We leverage technology to increase business efficiencies.  As a result, we have a business model that is very lean from a cost perspective.  We pass on these cost savings to our clients

  • We appoint a dedicated staffing team to each of our clients.  This allows us to give focused attention to each client’s specific business and recruiting requirements

  • We have achieved excellent market success within a short period of time by providing superior service to clients such as IBM, Barclays Global Investors, and Medtronic

  • We have an extensive network of candidate referrals that are not on any job boards
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